Just a Plant?

Migraine?  Tooth ache?  Asthma?  Stomach upset? Ok well  how about his, do you have MS?  how about Cancer?  Fibromyalgia?  Now I know that some of these are definately not as bad as others.  But  if I told you that you can treat the symptoms of each of these ailments with a simple easy to grow plant. How would you react?  You could put this plant your garden or even in front of a window in your house.

The past few days I have had insonmia really bad.  When i get insomnia the longer I go without sleep the worse of a headache I get until it winds up being a full blown migraine.  Well the other night it go so bad that i said screw it.  I went out to the plant picked off a few flowers and put them into a dehydrator(I only did this to quick-dry).  within a few hours I was taking a nap on the couch with no pain at all.  seems simple enough, Right?  WRONG!!  Ii could have been arrested for various reasons because all I wanted was freedom over my own healthcare.   If you havent guessed by now “this plant”  is cannabis.    An amazing plant that can heal hundreds of ailments.  A plant that can replace oil.  A plant with the highest protein content of any plant.  A plant that can make better longer lasting clothes, paper, ect.  A plant OUR goverment has outlawed so people in the BIG industries can profit.

Cannabis has been around being used as medicine for over 8,000 years.  its only been illegal for forty.  yesterday was the un-happy birthday of the start of the drug war, our countries one trillion dollar failure.

Stick around I will be going into much more detail on the history of  Cannabis, and what I am doing to make Medical Cannabis an option for people in ANY state (especially NC) by reforming laws and showing news updates from around the country


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