Oregon Cannabis Tax Act

This is an article i found browsing the web.  it is great to see more and more states moving to do this.  i think patient deserve it first but full legalization within a state will give them access too.
Initiative Petition #9 for the General Election – November 6, 2012

The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act 2012 is a citizen’s initiative campaign to regulate marijuana and restore hemp. Just as ending alcohol prohibition and regulating that market has protected society, regulating marijuana will help wipe out crime. Drug cartels and gangs will lose significant funding when we regulate marijuana and take the criminal element out this market. Restoring hemp, made from the seeds and stems of the marijuana plant for fuel, fiber and food, will put Oregon on the cutting edge of exciting new sustainable green industries and create untold multitudes of new jobs.

When this groundbreaking legislation is passed, it will:

  • regulate the legal sale of marijuana to adults through state-licensed stores
  • allow adults to grow their own marijuana
  • license Oregon farmers to grow marijuana for state-licensed stores
  • allow unlicensed Oregon farmers to grow cannabis hemp for fuel, fiber and food
  • raise an estimated $140 million a year by taxing commercial cannabis sales to adults 21 years of age and older
  • save an estimated $61.5 million as law enforcement, corrections and judicial attention can focus on violent crimes and theft

We estimate this will amount to $200 million a year more funding for our state government. 90% of the proceeds will go into the state general fund, 7% for drug treatment programs, 1% each for drug education in public schools, and two new state commissions to promote hemp biofuel and hemp fiber and food.

Other indirect benefits will include:

  • Lower alcohol abuse and other drug abuse by regulating legal adult access to a safer alternative, marijuana
  • Increase public safety
  • Restore respect for the law and let scarce resources be used to fight real crimes
  • Create environmentally sustainable jobs
Please make a financial contribution and help us get the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act on the ballot. Oregon taxpayers can get a $50 annual tax credit for contributions to our initiative campaign. The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act initiative is working with ‘C & E Systems,’ an Oregon campaign finance management firm, to ensure we meet all government reporting requirements.

Sign Petition


Print, Sign & Return!  OCTA 2012 Single Signature Sheet Petition (PDF)
Sign PetitionSingle Signature Sheet Petition Instructions:

The petition linked here is ONLY a single sheet petition. Following these instructions carefully will ensure that you meet the state of Oregon’s requirements, so your signatures count. If you wish to circulate a ten signature sheet petition, please fill out our volunteer form.

• Use only white paper 8 1/2 x 11 in size. Must use blue or black pen.

• Do not put anything on the petition, like a sticker or stamp of any kind or write any slogans on there, this will disqualify the entire sheet.

• DO NOT cross anything off or write over anything on the petition.

• Do not number the petition.

• Along with your signature please print your name address and date.

• A person can only sign a petition once, and CANNOT sign for anyone else. For example, husbands cannot sign for their wives.

• The date you sign at the bottom must be in MM/DD/YY format, no exceptions.

• You MUST be a registered Oregon voterRegister Now. Sign your full name, as you did when you registered to vote.

• You may print off sheets for your friends and family to sign, if they too are registered Oregon voters.


Mail Petitions to:
OCTA Campaign Headquarters
2712 NE Sandy Blvd
Portland, Oregon 97232



source: http://www.cannabistaxact.org/


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